5 Things You Must Consider While Buying a Laptop Online

Buying a Laptop
Buying a Laptop
In the recent era, where technology is changing at every moment along with fostering into the life of people, the need for laptops is increasing rapidly. It is all thanks to the various companies that are manufacturing a rapid quantity of laptops to fulfill the demand for computers in public.
The diverse nature of the brand and configuration of laptops in the market make it difficult for consumers to buy laptops. This milestone could be achieved if you visit the best laptop shops in Nairobi.  The fact is, laptops are more complex with a more compact size. However, the following five parameters can be considered while purchasing the Laptop. 

Reliability of the Processor

Normally the processor of the computer is known as the brain of the computer. The processor defines the capability of the laptop. Computers that have a high wattage processor provide less battery performance.  The wattage of the processor is majorly defined by your need. Particularly, society gets confused while buying laptops between intel and AMD.  If you have to choose between two, always go for Intel. Intel on the point is more efficient than AMD as the processor is the heart of your computer and it is responsible for the productivity that can not be compromised in any way. 

In today’s time while shopping for a laptop you will find one core, dual-core, quad-core processor, and sometimes octa-core processor, in meantime, the deception in the processor is increasing If you buy a laptop in Nairobi you will surely find the laptop with actual reliable configuration.

The types of processors in the market are core i3, i5, and i7 with the number written on the chip like 16, 32, 64, and 128 that defines how complex the processor is. Principally 32 and 64 bits are enough for usage. The speed of the laptop or the wattage of laptops all dependents on your need. The faster laptops cost more and can load more apps at a faster speed.

More RAM for Better Speed

RAM or Random access memory is responsible for scheduling jobs from the hard disk for the processor. With the high processor, you need to go for more RAM to work with the faster speed. More RAM allows the computer to boost faster as the operating system of your computer will be stored in the RAM. 
Now many types of RAM are available in the market for instance SDRAM, DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, and DDR4 among these  DDR4 can perform better and have a transfer rate of 17-21.3 GB/s in comparison to DDR, DDR2, and DDR3 the transfer rate is from 2.1 – 14.9. The DDR4 Ram is available in high wattage processors such as core i5 and core i7. Although DDR2 or DR3 is available in core i3.

Graphics Card 

If you are working for image processing or as a video editor or want to buy laptops for gaming purposes either for developing or playing, always consider the graphic cards on the top priority. The execution of graphics costs the power of processing. The graphic card responsibility is to render an image to the monitor by converting data into a signal that the LCD of the laptop can understand. The better the graphic card, the better and the smoother image.

Determine your Size Need

The size of the laptop is an essential component if you are a traveler or need to carry a laptop in your routine. You could go for the laptop with a size of fewer than 14 inches that you can keep easily in your backpack. This way you will be able to carry it easily without feeling any burden.


The normal battery backup for the laptops is 22 hours. Laptops without battery backup could not be able to fulfill the main concept of the invention of the laptops. The long-lasting batteries are meant to keep you productive. Occasionally batteries are the most favorite electronic item for the people while buying a laptop. Laptops having an internal battery are running better and help you work efficiently no matter where you are. Furthermore, the Price in Nairobi for the laptops is best with the highest quality of the product.


Laptops are denser with assorted functionality nowadays. The assortment of laptops in the present era is more than it should be. To resolve the issue of finding the best price laptop as a consequence without being deceived comes to an impossible task.
However, carry out thorough proper research. Take advice from your friends or relatives when you want to buy a laptop they might be able to provide you useful information. Think and make a wise decision so that you may not regret it later.
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