A Few Self-Help Tips & Easy ways To Quit Smoking

self-help tips
self-help tips

A Few Tips to Help You to Quit Smoking


Ah, smoking – anyone who smokes understands the amazing feeling you get when you smoke. However, as you know, it is a double-edged sword, because while it feels great, it is incredibly bad for your health and is something you should avoid at all costs. 


As a person who has overcome this habit, I have some good news for the seasoned smokers amongst you: you can quit. Here, I’m going to share with you some of the things that I learned when quitting cigarettes. You can use this article to help you to quit too. 


The Cravings

Right, so the most difficult part in overcoming smoking is the cravings. It will feel to you as if you have to smoke this instance. However, it’s actually relatively easy to overcome the cravings once you understand one thing: they pass. 


Cravings will only last an hour or two at a time. During that time, you will feel as if you have to have a cigarette. You will find it difficult to think of anything else but smoking. Most people are tricked by this feeling, though. When you’re in the middle of a craving, you think it will last forever and that you will always feel that desperate drive. 


You won’t. Just like anything, this too shall pass. If you manage to sit through your cravings, you will find that they go away again after an hour or two. The trick is to realise that the cravings are temporary and not permanent. As long as you can do that, you will be able to give up smoking. 


It’s not even a matter of mind of matter. Instead, it’s all about sitting through the cravings. Allowing yourself to feel desperate, but not to give in to the urge. 


Nicotine Replacement

One thing that can help you manage the cravings in the moment is a nicotine replacement product. When you feel the craving hit, sit through it for as long as you can manage – at least 20 minutes – and then take a small hit from your nicotine replacement product. This will quell the cravings a little, making them easier to sit through. 


To avoid becoming addicted to the nicotine replacement product, use it very sparingly. Use it at those moments when you feel you can take no more of the cravings and then don’t use it again for at least 3 hours. They work best when you use them as a crutch at your highest craving point. 


I would recommend that you reach peak craving levels, and then just hold yourself there for a while before taking your nicotine hit. This way, you really are helping yourself the best because you’re teaching yourself that you can sit through the craving – and you really can.


There are a number of nicotine replacement products available. Personally, I prefer e liquids vape juice because it allows you to feel the habit of smoking too. Some of you might prefer one of the other products, such as gum, patches, or lozenges. 


Sometimes, it’s worth choosing a product that you don’t particularly like, because it can make it easier to quit. For instance, I finished off my smoking detox with lozenges. I don’t particularly like them, so I didn’t feel as rewarded with them as I do with e juice. This made it so that I only received the nicotine, and none of the pleasure associated with vaping or gum chewing (I really liked the gum too), therefore making it easier to stop entirely. 


Good luck! I know you can do it. I smoked heavily for 20 years and I found it quite manageable to quit in the manner outlined above. 


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