An Excursion Desert Dubai – Your ultimate Sandy Adventure

Excursion Desert Dubai
Excursion Desert Dubai

An Excursion Desert Dubai – Your ultimate Sandy Adventure

What do you think is an ideal sandy expedition? Have you considered an exciting excursion desert Dubai? This is your opportunity to explore the desert landscape with its distinctive features. It is also a chance to learn about Emirati traditions and see Dubai’s unique wildlife.

Life in Dubai 

As one of the compelling cities within the Middle East, Dubai leads the region in culture, tourism, and purchasing, attracting folks from all around the world. Home to over one hundred fifty nationalities, with expats comprising over eighty% of the population, Dubai has confirmed to be the preferred regional headquarters for expatriates from around the world.

Life in Dubai is not difficult because English is a standard language in Dubai, and spoken and understood by most individuals within the emirate. People are typically very pleasant and want to make new associates and, since it’s a world city, expats will have the chance to make pals from all around the world. Dubai is a metropolis determined to retain its heritage while racing at a breakneck pace to embrace the twenty-first century.

Moving to a brand new country is usually a challenge as there’s a lot to think about, from funds and family to education and health care. Ensuring you stay physically and mentally healthy whilst you’re there may be important 

As a vibrant, worldwide city, it encompasses all the good, bad, and ugly of any sprawling trendy metropolis. The experience of living and dealing in Dubai could be most gratifying and an excellent adventure if expats go away themselves open to the experience and abide by a few simple guidelines.

Expats shifting to Dubai will probably never really feel the need to be fluent in Arabic. Everyone in the city speaks English and there’ll very not often be a precise way to speak the Arabic language.

Dubai Desert Tour activities

Desert excursion Dubai entails:

Dune Bashing

If you are up for a thrilling adventure, you can start your desert Dubai excursion with an exciting dune bashing ride. You will ride a 4-wheel drive and enjoy a fun speeding session, tracking through the dunes. Get a rare view of the sunset as you travel through the sands.

Dubai Desert Camping

A camping tour will give you an authentic traditional Arabic experience. Try Arabic cuisine with a tantalizing barbeque dinner or immerse yourself in other practices such as getting henna tattoos or trying out Arabic costumes. You can also enjoy Arabic entertainment with performances such as Tanoura dance shows, belly dancing, fire shows, and live music.

Among the camping locations to visit for your excursion of the Dubai Desert include:

Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve

The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve was declared a conservation area in 2003 to protect the natural flora and fauna of the U.A.E. Located around the gulf coast, the reserve measures 225 square meters. It is home to various wild animals including gazelles, the Arabian Oryx, and camels. It is the ideal location for a wildlife drive and a nice barbeque dinner after.

Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve

The Al Marmoom Desert Conservation Reserve is home to over 26 reptile species and 40 plant species. It is also a cultural center where visitors get to experience more of the Bedouin culture practices. These include:

  • Riding Camels
  • Traditional barbeque dinner
  • Visiting a Bedouin village
  • Star astronomy session
  • Falcon shows
  • Storytelling session from local Bedouins

Jebel Ali Desert Resort

This traditional Arabic themed resort will take your Dubai desert excursion to new heights. The buildings here are made to resemble old mud houses of local Bedouins from the past. However, you will enjoy 5-star services with activities such as dune bashing. There are horses and camels too for your sight. For dinner, enjoy a tantalizing open buffet.

Camel Safari

In the past, local Bedouins used camels to take a travel through the harsh desert environment. To enrich your excursion desert Dubai you can include a short camel ride. You will have a fun time riding the friendly creatures who have aided the Bedouins for centuries.

Quad biking in Dubai

If you wish to get adventurous during your excursion Desert Dubai, quad biking is the ideal activity. After a brief training session, embark on an off-road driving experience through the rough terrain and explore the desert landscape in a fantastic way.

Desert Safari Packages

Morning Desert Safari

After pick up from the hotel, get to ride a 4-wheel drive vehicle and embark on an exciting offroad tour. This makes for the ultimate thrilling experience as you ride through the sand dune slopes. Later, stop for a brief photo session before heading to the desert camp where you can experience other activities such as sandboarding and camel rides.

Evening Desert Safari

The evening desert safari offers you various activities to fully immerse yourself in your excursion desert Dubai. Start your tour in the afternoon with an exciting dune bashing session and other activities such as quad biking, sandboarding, and camel riding. You can also get henna tattoos or try Arabic costumes.

After the sun sets, head over to the Bedouin-style camp for an Arabic cultural experience. The camp includes an Arabic setting with low tables and carpets. Here, enjoy coffee, dates, and a  delicious barbeque dinner. The night comes alive with entertaining live music and performances that include Tanura dance shows, belly dancing, and fire shows.

Private Desert Safari

You can turn your excursion of the Dubai Desert Safari into a private affair by booking a whole camp for you and your group. The camp is fully equipped and can hold up to 1000 people for a time. You will get to enjoy various desert activities or have them arranged according to your preference.

With many fun and exciting activities to take part in, an excursion desert Dubai is a thrilling sandy adventure that will make your visit to Dubai memorable. 


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