Barcelona with Kids: TOP 5 most visited places


Barcelona is often considered to be one of the most fascinating and beautiful cities in Spain and Europe in general as well. However, the way we travel and the things we do might significantly change as we become older and become parents. Learn what Barcelona tour guides advise down below.


Being one is already a hefty challenge, so the last thing we want is to hear little ones keep crying and complaining about how everything around them is completely boring.


If you’re looking for tips regarding which places are the best to visit as a parent, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will give our take on which places are the best.


Of course, Barcelona tour guides are another great way to experience the city, since they can offer tips that only locals know.

Barcelona Aquarium

You’ll have difficulties finding a child that isn’t fascinated by aquatic life. Well, Barcelona’s own aquarium is a wonderful place, we reckon, for both young ones and adults to enjoy their time exploring all the different animals residing here.


One will find frogs, penguins, turtles, stingrays and even sharks, which if you time correctly, can even see being fed by one of the workers.


For parents it’s also important to know that the museum also offers many interactive activities for kids, which involves pressing buttons, solving different educational tasks and even a playroom.


While your kids play, there are nearby areas for parents to relax and have some coffee and enjoy the rest of maritime life.

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Barcelona Zoo

Just like in the aquarium, there are few kids that don’t like visiting the zoo. Opened way back in the 19th century, Barcelona’s own one is all about wildlife conservation at its finest.


Its 32 acres of space is home to everything from big birds and mammals, to reptiles and even amphibians.


Despite the large size of the territory it’s not difficult to move around and reach different waypoints, making the journey much more relaxing and enjoyable for you and your children. Each animal is described very simply, so even the smallest ones will understand what they are looking at.


While looking at animals may get tiresome, there are many playground and relaxation spaces for children as well.


To top it all off, you can even witness the zoo workers feeding the animals or even witness a lion show.

Barcelona Beaches

There’s nothing better than going to a beach for a swim on a hot sunny day. Luckily for all of us, Barcelona has a huge coastline, opening many opportunities to enjoy the Mediterranean sea.


Since the area is fairly large, you don’t need much preparation for the trip as well. Simply pack your swimming gear, bring a towel and sunscreen and anything else you can take care of on the spot. Barcelona tour guides often offer to do so regularly.


That is, you can rent an umbrella or a lounger to make your trip more enjoyable, and there are plenty of spots to buy a cold beverage or snack.


Since kids enjoy playing in the sand by themselves, this one is much better for the parents, since you won’t need to do anything much.

Wax Museum

While generally more popular with adults, this is a wonderful place to visit with older kids, since the museum offers a vast display of wax figures of famous people.


Before it’s major renovation, the museum mostly focused on the most famous people from Spain, however, due to popular demand, there are many foreign celebrities, movie characters and other figures available now.


Music lovers will recognize the life size replicas from members of The Beatles and there’s even a whole room dedicated to Star Wars, one of the most famous movie franchises.


Kids usually love to see characters from kids movies on display and there’s even a horror section for those that are especially brave.

Camp Nou Stadium & Barça Museum

If you, along with your children are huge football fans, then visiting Camp Nou, which is home to the famous Barcelona football club is definitely a must. Barcelona tour guides that you most likely have will be a football fan, we can guarantee you that.


Being one of the largest football stadiums ever, its sheer size leaves many in awe and simply cannot be described by words.


While the tour prices aren’t that low, they can be the reason you had an unforgettable experience, so definitely pay it a visit.


All in all


We’ve talked about 5 places you should visit in Barcelona as a parent with kids. Each of these places can offer something different, so pick the one you like best and you’ll surely won’t miss.


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