Countries to Visit Once in Life Time for Best Experiences


Seeing the present scenario, it is almost next to impossible to visit other countries. The pandemic has restricted movement across the world. However, things will nor remain the same forever. We are hopeful that soon we would be able to travel across the countries without the fear of COVID. After COVID, take a break and plan a trip to some of the world’s best countries.
List of Countries that one Should Visit:
1. Greece
Greece is one of the best countries that one should visit at least once in a lifetime. The country is regarded to be ideal places for the tourist. The country boasts an array of sites that includes Delphi and Athens ruins that one should definitely explore. Also, do mark your presence at mesmerizing islands- Santorini and Corfu. Also, do explore new islands on your way to know the country to its fullest.
2. Jordon
If you ever wanted to visit an offbeat place, then Jordan is the perfect country for you. It counted amongst the safest countries of the Middle East. Thus, you can plan your travel to the country without any fear. The country is home to many cities of Petra. In Jordan, you can take an adventure at the Dead Sea and subsequently experience the Wadi Rum desert. In addition to this, you can also go for sky diving over the desert or can plan a stay in Bedouin camp.
3. Austria
You can ditch Switzerland and visit Austria. Though the country is believed to be quite expensive, you can avail credit cards and choose the best credit card offers to sponsor your trip to Austria. It has a medical architecture that would definitely allure you. On your trip to Austria Salzburg, it is a place where Mozart was born; you can take a bicycle ride from place and explore the best of the places around. Do plan a trip to Krimml Falls; it is believed to be the highest falls in Europe. And, not to forget Hallstatt is a must to visit. It is one of the oldest villages in the country where you can enjoy the country’s authenticity.
4. Philippines
The country is home to 7,000 islands and is one of the fun destinations to visit. It boasts picturesque beaches with incredible vistas and generous hospitality. You can go to an island, hopping and explore all the new beaches. Also, you can take up adventure activities like snorkeling and underwater activities to enjoy to fullest. You can also go for the rice terrace of Banaue and spend quality time there.
5. Vietnam
If you are planning a trip to South East Asia than you must visit Vietnam. It is a perfect place for the family or friends trip. Since the country would not cost you much, thus, you would be able to make most of the country that too, without spending huge on your trip. It boasts nice attractions like the Marble Mountains, of Nha Trag, etc. Also, do not forget to visit Ho Chi Minh City. It has colonial architecture and not to forget its exclusive cuisine and café.
6. Indonesia
Next in the list of countries that one must visit once in a lifetime is Indonesia. In case you do not have much time and have to visit a single island, then Indonesia is a perfect country for you. You can visit an array of places that includes Bali. It has many sites that include Ubud, Mount Agung, Mount Batur, and many others to name. Mount Batur is home to an active volcano; watching from a distance would be a new experience for you. You can also go to the beaches and spot dolphins.
7. Turkey
Turkey is one of the ideal and must-visit countries in the world. It is counted amongst the top 10 countries across the globe. So do visit the country and experience all-new life where east meets west gems. During your trip to Turkey, do not forget to go to Istanbul, which has an array of places like Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque, cruise to Bosphorus, and Grand Bazaar. Also, ensure that you visit Cappadocia’s caves and go for hot air balloons over the amazing landscape.
8. South Africa
There would be hardly anyone who has not planned a trip to South Africa; in fact, if you have not planned the visit yet, then this is the best time as South Africa has some amazing places to be explored. Cape Town tops the list of the places that one must visit in South Africa. If you like wildlife safaris, you can go to Kruger National Park and go for National Safaris. Do plan a trip to Table Mountain and Kalhari desert, one of the finest places in South Africa. In addition to this, do try their exquisite wine.
There could be nothing therapeutic than traveling a world. However, there are only a few those who are that lucky. While everyone cannot visit the world as a whole, they can surely pay a visit to the places that one must visit at least once in a lifetime.


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