Difference between Linux Hosting and Windows hosting

Linux Hosting and Windows hosting
Linux Hosting and Windows hosting

Which one is best Linux vs. Windows Hosting?

As we all know that if you want to make your business online than you have to build up a website of your brand name. By this you could show your identity to the audience so to make website you need domain and after that you need hosting.
Hosting is very important thing to make your website run in the online platforms. Without hosting you cannot make your website live. So here we will talk about which hosting more preferable Linux Hosting vs. Windows Hosting.

Choosing the Best Hosting

When it comes to comparing both the hosting than both the operating systems have different advantages that is maybe you prefer linux hosting and I would prefer windows hosting. So we cannot make a static comment on any one of this as it all depends on your requirements.  So we will discuss about them so let us start with the description about both of them.

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is one of the best open operating system and it is very easy to handle. Linux is mostly used because it is very easy to use and you can configure the files and update them in a very easy way and it is very secure operating system.

What is Windows Hosting?

Windows hosting is a website hosting that uses windows operating system for running there website in the online platforms. If you for instance assume that if any hosting company is not defining any plan on hosting than it is for sure windows hosting.

Difference between Linux Hosting and Windows hosting

As we first of all talk about difference than first thinks comes in mind is the stability of the hosting. If you ask which one to select than most probably the answer will be Linux hosting as it is more secure than Windows hosting.
The stability of Windows hosting is not good as it cannot handle huge database, multiple website and servers. It is not able to run more of files as the load cannot be handled by the hosting and no one is able to resolve this error till now. So you can go with Linux hosting.
Most of attackers try to attack on Windows hosting server as they can be easily hacked but this is not so with the Linux hosting. But the main question is that you need to know about is the type of software are you running. If you are running an Exchange server or a Sharepoint site than to use Windows hosting is best for you. Now let us start with each and every point about both of them and should be able to choose the best suitable hosting for you.


  • Security and Technical Support


As we know that a good hosting company always provides a secure and 24*7 support system to you so that you can easily manage your work without any type of problem. They always give to the best plan so that your website would be secure and safe from any type of attacks. As all have seen that the attacks are more on Windows hosting even the Microsoft had made very efforts.
Linux hosting is more secure and so you also have to be responsible for your website maintenance. You should have secure passwords and should not give authority to each and every one that they can make your website future in danger.
Technical support is very important and this depends on the hosting company as each company has their own policies regarding the support. So always select a good hosting company which gives you a good technical support facility.


  •  Operating Systems


This is the most important difference between the Linux and Windows hosting is operating system that runs on servers. The Window users will find it very difficult to use the Linux as it is not so easily accessible by anyone. The capacities found through the Linux order line are not in the slightest degree like clicking around menus in Windows. 
While a Linux group can browse numerous graphical UIs (GUIs), I would recommend considering a Windows arrangements all things being equal on the off chance that you plan to connect with the working framework itself as opposed to experiencing an instrument, for example, cPanel, to introduce and refresh programming, introduce information bases, and deal with your email server.
As you know that Linux is more secure, stable and it has more reliability. In operating system the thing that matter is hardware and software usability. If you have a regular updating operating system than you should use Windows. You need to hire the administrators for using the Linux as it could not be used by each and every person.


  • Pricing


Linux also have a low cost budget as it does not have to be changed again and again. This is so because the configuration does not change as people are running them from 10 or more years ago which been upgrading them.  

If you hire someone else to manage the Linux than it will little bit costly for you but the Windows is also not so cheap as it need to upgraded time to time and so the cost of Linux is cheaper than the Windows.

The best hosting company always tries to provide you low cost at the beginning so that you can develop your own website in a low period of time and you can ask them any query which comes in to your mind.


Which hosting is suitable for WordPress Linux or Windows?

When it comes to WordPress hosting, Linux is the higher OS. WordPress runs on PHP, which is a lot more difficult to configure on Windows. The Microsoft Access database is no longer as strong as MySQL, and it might also sluggish down your website.

As there are no licensing charges related with Linux, you can effortlessly discover affordable, managed WordPress web hosting that makes use of this OS. Also, most famous hosts will supply an intuitive dashboard, making Linux simpler to use than it in any other case would be.

Linux additionally advantages from being an open-source platform. Like WordPress, many builders make contributions to the gadget to make certain it’s secure and secure.

Finally, Linux is bendy sufficient for customized code and software development. However, if you’re planning to set up the .NET framework or use functions like ColdFusion, ASP Classic, or Microsoft SQL Server, you must choose for Windows hosting.



So we hope that you like the article and after reading we suggest you to choose the best hosting for website. It means that which suits your website in all the aspect as all operating system are different from each other.  Both the hosting has their own features so check the drawbacks and advantages of both type of hosting and then select the hosting for your website. If you any suggestion you can freely suggest us.




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