Different Types of Flours for Different Recipes


Different Types of Flours

What is the most challenging job which you have to do while going to the supermarket? It is choosing the perfect flour for making the pizza or dough or selecting the best quality cake flour, 00 flour or any other flour. You can buy Caputo gluten free flour online from any website by first checking the information about the flour written on the packaging. Here in this detailed guide, you can find information about the types of flour and where you can use them. 

You may be wondering what determines the content of the flour? It is about how the grain is processed and how these grains are milled strongly. Even the degree of the grinding determines what will be the mineral content of the flour. If the grain is milled stronger, then the nutrient content will be lower. Different types of flour are:

Wheat Flour

This flour is known as the excellent source of energy; however, it contains fewer vitamins and minerals.


  • Cake Flour


These pastry and cake baking flour are milled finely so that you can use it for baking. This cake flour is low in protein content, i.e. 6-8% and 8-10% for the pastry flour, which has a fine consistency. It can be used for baking cakes, cookies, short pastry, gingerbread, sponge dough and thickening sauces.


  • Italian 00 flour


This is the finest quality of pizza flour which is soft in nature and has about 8-10% protein content. You can now understand why the pizza bases are so delicious while chewing it. You can even buy Italian 00 flour or gluten free pizza flour from the online store and then can make your tasty pizza in your home itself.


  • All-purpose Flour


This flour is a little coarser than the cake flour and has more protein content about 10-12%. All-purpose flour will absorb the water and milk more slowly so that the dough will be stable during the baking. This flour can be used pizza, puff pastry, cookies dough, dumplings, white bread and yeast pastries and much more.


  • Bread Flour 


It has 12-13% of protein content and is ideal for making bread as the name suggests.  Since the consistency of this flour is coarser, that is why it is not suitable for the bakery product. It can be used for light mixed and dark wheat and savory pastries.

Gluten-Free Flour

One can buy gluten free products online; likewise, you can even buy the gluten-free flour online too. As we know, all cereals have gluten in it but what to do when you are suffering from gluten intolerance? Then you need to go for the gluten-free flours that can be the best alternative for the ground cereals.


  • Buckwheat Flour


It is the dark flour which has higher protein content and has a high nutty flavor. This buckwheat flour is used for baking bread, waffles and cakes too.


  • Coconut Flour


If you are thinking that dried, ground flesh and de-oiled coconut flour that is rich in fibre and protein can replace wheat flour while baking, then you are wrong. You can make use of this flour by thickening the sauces, soups and desserts.


  • Almond Flour


This flour has an excellent aroma and can be used for baking sweet pastries, brownies, muffins, and cakes. Moreover, you can use almond flour for making the breadcrumbs while cooking fish and meat dishes.


  • Corn Flour


Since the protein content of the cornflour is low, that is why it is used for baking the bread only by mixing the wheat flour. It is even used for thickening the sauces and soups and can be used for making corn waffles, tortillas and nachos.

There are other types of Italian gluten free flour which one can buy from the online store. This flour can be used for making your favorite dishes and at the same time, it will help you in maintaining your health. So, go and buy gluten-free flour and start making healthy dishes.


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