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5 reasons highlighting the advantage of hiring dedicated php developers


PHP is a server side programming language and has become the most popular among web and app development practices. There is huge number of websites which are based on PHP programming languages. Whether it is a content management system like WordPress or a highly complex and dynamic ecommerce website; this programming language fits right for almost every kind of development project. It can be used to develop tools and system that can be used to fortify your business’s web presence as well as to manage the internal business process. 

Now the question is how you should kick start your PHP development project. To start your project, you need a talented and dedicated development team which has intense knowledge of coding language, industry requirements, and current standards. There are two options to opt for your development project. First you could contact an agency to hire dedicated PHP developers or you can hire PHP developers for your organization.  If you are confused as to which one will work best for you, then you should know these points that can help you to making your decision. 


  • You don’t require exceptional skills and expertise


Your knowledge and experience will work great for your business for sure. Are you sure that you have enough experience and skill to manage your development work for your business websites or apps. You need high experience and intense knowledge for this job. 

You need to hire dedicated PHP developers who have in-depth knowledge, high experience and who can develop a highly-functional and dynamic application perfect for your business. 

If you think you can experiment with the experience and knowledge, you can avoid hiring dedicated developers. 


  • You can hire a team of highly experienced PHP developers as your employee


Well, there is another way to avoid hiring of dedicated PHP developers; if you can afford to create your own team of developers and testers inside your company. I bet it would take a lot of effort and money to build a great team of developers who can beat the experience and knowledge of dedicated developers. 

Generally a business which needs to create a single app and website doesn’t hire a developer as its employee. Moreover, a startup and small business cannot afford to hire developers as their employees, it will cost a lot plus they don’t need an in-house team for a longer time. 


  • If you can involve in lengthy and complex hiring process


To build your in-house team, you have to go through a long process of screening, interview, and test to check the eligibility. For this, you need to put dedicated resources that will take care of hiring and interview process. Then after, they would need some kind of training to work better in your organization. It is not only a lengthy process but you also have to invest your money and effort as well. After completion of your project, you have to provide them salary even when they don’t have any relevant project. 

On the other hand, you don’t need to get involved in such complex process in case you hire a dedicated PHP developer. An external PHP developer will work as a part of your team and deliver the best result and you can put your effort in other areas of the business. 


  • You can hire a team of designers and testers as well


You should know that development task doesn’t include coders only, you need designers and testers as well. A designer will work for UI and UX of your web and app development projects. The testers will help you to find bugs and glitches present in the coding of the coder to make sure that the final product will work at the best. 

Now you can understand that you need a big team to setup that will include developers, designers, testers, and more. 


  • If you have good operational facility


If you hire your own team, you need to provide them with other amenities apart from salary. For instance, you have to provide them laptop or system and many other additional perks. On the other hand, you don’t need to think about the perks and any additional perks when you hire developers from an agency. 


Strategic Approach To Make A Choice 

Finally, your choice will depend on few things:

  • Your budget
  • Your requirement: whether you need PHP developers for one or few projects or you have a consistent need of developers
  • What kind of services and solution you need

So, think about your requirement and decide the budget for the same. If you don’t need developers in the long run, if you need developers for your single project; then its better you should go with the dedicated PHP developers otherwise you should not hire a dedicated one. 


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