How Customized T-Shirts Can Help Your Marketing Campaigns


T-Shirts are comfortable. We all love them. Whenever we want to be ourselves, accept them with love and wear them. They are everyone’s favorite weekend companion. There is no better feeling than watching Netflix wearing a free-size T-shirt with a bucket!

If we look back in the 19th century, people wore union suits as undergarments. Later, he cut that suit into two parts: the upper half and the bottom. And that’s how T-shirts came into existence. You can say that T-shirts are the modern version of union suits.Since then, it has been known for people’s fashion apparel. And they can be as forthright as they wish they were. As we know, representing the message through this medium is not an unusual trend. The image of two UK boys in the 1980s reflects a bold slogan.

In short, a T-shirt is more than just a piece of apparel.

And in today’s fast-paced technology world, there is almost nothing that people can’t print on t-shirts because there are advanced t-shirt designer tools available in the market. It is easy to integrate them into your e-store and customers can use them as a powerful marketing weapon for their business. And many businesses have been taking advantage of their power for years.

There are some benefits of using T-shirts to market any event, campaign, products or entire brand:

  • Cost effective when ordering in bulk
  • Versatile
  • Quick to produce
  • Simple to style
  • One of the best direct marketing tools
  • Campaign Period Profile
  • Having the potential to appeal to a wider target audience

Let’s see how your customers can use customized t-shirts to make their marketing events a success.

Various events / campaigns to use customized T-shirts as a medium of marketing:

Public support

Crowd fundraising events are a modern-day to raise money for a good cause. And with their rapid adoption among the youth, it is important to erect such events for better awareness among the audience. One thing that is loved by today’s generation is apparel. Giving custom T-shirts by theme is a subtle way to appeal to funders.

Here’s how your customers can make this event a success using your designer tools:

  • Your customers design a T-shirt, which is not only unique but also relevant to the theme of the event. They will also be making staff and volunteer T-shirts using product designer equipment.
  • The organizers of such events will demand designer T-shirts in bulk. So, you have to make sure that your tool can fulfill large orders.
  • Once your customers have designed and distributed these t-shirts, they must ensure that everyone wears the t-shirt on the day of the event.
  • Next step: Marketing. Taking lots of pictures, sharing them on social media and other promotional material and activities are an important part of the event. The right marketing of such events can help in creating awareness about the cause and raising more funds.

Product marketing campaign

Let’s say that Coca-Cola is the best soft drink brand that we have been fond of since childhood. Its major impact on its customers is through promotions. Always deliver the right message in the most effective way. Back in 2013, one of its successful promotional campaigns was with custom T-shirts.

He launched a campaign sending around 600 custom tees to some of the brand’s biggest fans and loyal employees. After delivery, each of them had to take a picture of themselves wearing it. Using those images, he created a 70-second animation in which two cartoon characters are trying to make a pair of lips smile.

After several unsuccessful attempts, he was able to easily make him smile by giving him a sip of Coca-Cola. And the message was: Coca Cola – Open Happiness. It was widely popular as “The Wearable Movie”.

Here it is. I’m sure it will bring a smile to your face as well:

Having software that allows your customers to create their own designer pieces with creative freedom can also be a turning point for your business. And it depends on how you take advantage of the software.

Tourism expedition

Tourism campaigns are difficult and the implementation of such campaigns is even more difficult. As would be the urge for a global audience to travel to a particular city or country.

The most important thing that makes a long-lasting impression here is USP’s presentation of that place. As a marketer, it is important that customers understand the importance of place and remember it. And here’s how a T-shirt marketing campaign can serve that purpose:

  • First and foremost, it is important to make a T-shirt that has something unique. For example, the “I Love New York” T-shirt to promote New York tourism. But for its popularity, everyone has seen it in many films and you can also see celebrities wearing it.
  • For users, it is important to make such T-shirts in bulk and distribute them to all international sellers and merchants. Or they can also adopt the online approach.
  • On the whole, they can create interactive advertising content based on the theme of the campaign by promoting these T-shirts so that it creates a brand-like concept among its audience.
  • If the design is attracting customers, it will boost the success of the campaign and eventually these T-shirts will drive many new customers to that place!

Business program

Business events: Less glamor and entertainment. Customized T-Shirts here can bring that charm back. In addition to digital marketing and other online resources, business exposés are events where a business can showcase its capabilities and gain international contacts and customers.

Simultaneously, all other businesses will be stressed and try to win the attention of visitors. To make a business successful, here’s how users use T-shirts as a powerful marketing tool:

  • First, they need to design a T-shirt with some unique ideas. Do not forget the company logo. This is an essential part. But, moreover, the company’s slogan writing or unique clipart will generate more interest in their prospects.
  • During events, make presentations, distribute leaflets to customers while wearing these T-shirts to remember the business name which may eventually turn into an investigation.
  • Last but not least, providing services according to the promises made! After all, it is the best business strategy that works every time.

… and indispensable creativity

Creativity is an essential aspect when T-shirts are included in event marketing activities. “Stay calm and …”, or any Disney inspired slogans are very monotonous. Instead, offering their customers the option to invent their own T-shirt with designer tools will bring out their creativity. Such a tool gives your customers the freedom of expression and the facility to make t-shirts according to their needs.


Customers are going crazy over this new trend and are looking for merchants who can provide them with the products already mentioned. You can reap the benefits of this thriving customization industry today by integrating product designer tools with your e-store.

Interested in learning more about product designer tools? 

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