How Much It Cost To Build Food Delivery Apps?


How Much It Cost To Build Food Delivery Apps?

An online food delivery platform is used to order and deliver food based on user requests. Developing an online food ordering system is not an easy task as it is not restricted to one cuisine. However, it is an instant hit among millions of app users, irrespective of the demographics where people belong to.

Let’s talk numbers:

  • 60% of US users order delivery or takeout once a week (Source: Medium)
  • 63% of users agree that they like to get delivery than dining out with a family (Source: BusinessInsider) 
  • Consumers who place an order online will visit that restaurant 67% more frequently (Source: Statista)

Food delivery apps have become such an instant play store pleaser that businesses with this idea are destined to succeed. But the question arises, how much it cost to make a food delivery app?

Before moving to the food delivery app development cost, let’s dive into the potential of the market. 

According to a recent study, the online food delivery app market is projected to reach USD 10,916 by the end of this year and is anticipated to be worth USD 14,679 by the year 2024. Thus, is growing at a CAGR of 9.5% every year. 

Different Types of Food Delivery Apps


  • Business to Consumer 


Enterprise to consumer apps helps in dealing with the transaction of various services between the provider and the user. It provides the best and secure environment along with single click payment options, making food ordering easy and swift.


  • Full Stack Food Delivery Mobile Apps 


The apps are built with advanced tools and technologies that are used to exchange products and services. It gives you complete control over all the tasks, thus streamlines the operations.

Benefits of Investing In Food Ordering & Delivering Apps

You can witness a number of advantages post development 

  • Makes food ordering process easy 
  • Free marketing for brands
  • Tracking made easy 
  • The smart, quick, and convenient tracking system 
  • High transparent, higher trust 
  • Check nearby hotels with Augmented Reality 
  • Keep a tab on the overall growth of the restaurant 
  • Make contactless deliveries 
  • Let users order anytime and anywhere 
  • Manage orders and make delivers on time
  • Compact analysis for food expenses tracking 

How Much Does It Cost To Develop a Food Delivery App?

As we know, several factors affect the final cost of your app. The approximate cost of developing food delivery apps like GrubHub or Ubereats is around $30K to $40K. Factors that influence the food delivery app development cost are:


  • Location of App Development Company 


The app cost breakdown differs from one organization to another. But you need to focus on the quality as well to reduce app abandonment rates. Because some companies build low-quality apps, and they lure clients by touting cheap app development. The location also matters. For example,

  • India based developers charge $10 to $80 per hour
  • Europe based developers charge $30 to $150 per hour
  • U.S. based developers charge $50 to $250 per hour


  • UI/UX Design 


The interface is everything when it comes to ordering apps. It should be easy to navigate yet intuitive to appeal to several customers worldwide. Thus, it plays a crucial role in deciding the price of your food delivery application. UI/UX design costs around (60 Hours — $1500 to $3000).


  • App Platform 


Either you want to develop a native, PWA, or cross-platform app development, each platform comes with a cost. The approximate cost of front-end and back-end development is (400 Hours — $7,000 to $ 15,000).

App Cost Calculator to Determine the Food Delivery App Development Cost

Many mobile app development companies are offering an app cost calculator to determine the cost. It is an easy-to-use tool that allows you to request quotes for your app within minutes. All you need to know which app features you want in your food delivery app to get accurate results. Based on the estimates, you can choose the most suitable app development company that can turn your app idea into reality within budget and on time.


Whether you need to develop an Android or iOS online food ordering system for a restaurant app, a reliable mobile app development company guides you throughout the process and make it a success. How to choose the right outsourcing app development company? Do a little research like company reviews, years of experience, expertise, and hourly rates of developers will help you shortlist a few of them from the list of top food delivery app development firms. While you finalize your deal, you should also ensure that they keep the entire mobile app development process transparent that reduces the chances of bugs in the final stages.  


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