How to Choose the Best Magento Development Services Provider

Development Services Provider
Development Services Provider

Today, if a retailer wants to open up a brick-and-mortar outlet, they will need the help of architects, labor, and planners. However, when they choose to build an online web store, it all boils doing to just picking a Magento Web Development Services provider. 

Magento is powerful, scalable, and robust – Precisely, a perfect architecture for an E-Commerce web store. And if you are still not convinced, have a look at the online web stores of Pepsi, Levis, and Ford – They are all on MAGNETO! 

The platform holds on rich features, store customization options, countless themes, and extensions that an online retailer might need to sustain their business in 2020. 

Considering the platform’s popularity, many web developers and web development agencies have adopted it. However, the problem here is that not every one of them invests time in learning the concept of providing Magento Website Development Services. And if by any chance you fall prey to them, your business might go down the lane. 

Choosing a Magento Development Agency is a crucial decision, and being one ourselves, we understand how much of a risk it can be. Hence, to help online retailers make an informed decision, we’ve covered this article. Read on!

What are your requirements from Magento Development Services? 

Some prerequisites you need to look into before getting development services are; 

Defining the Needs

Understanding your requirements is essential before getting in touch with a Magento development agency. Hence, define the requirements beforehand so that you can share them with the agency whenever required.

Be Clear

Include your customers’ needs, market insights, and competitor analysis in the requirements to have a clear vision of what type of an online web store you want. 

If the requirements are complicated, you must set up a reliable in-house E-Commerce team that has a digital marketing background and know-how of business intelligence; to handle the online business.

Decide a Budget

It all boils down to calculating the budget that you are ready to invest in building your Magento web store. It would be pretty unfair if you are making a profit of $40M every year but just spending $30K on developing an online web store. 

A simplistic rule of thumb is – Spend approximately 10% of your cumulative revenue to build an exceptional online web store on Magento. Moreover, also set aside a few dollars for licensing and hosting services, which are additional to Magento website development.

Finding the Best Magento Development Agency

Now that you have defined your needs and decided on your budget, it is time to search around for the best Magento Ecommerce Development Agency. You need to look for one that has the experience and expertise to deliver exceptional projects that are similar to your business. And a better way to do that is by asking yourself the following questions;

Is it a Magento Solution Partner or a Magento Certified Agency? 

The most reliable way to search a Magento Development Agency is to discover how many certifications it has. Magento covers a formal partnership program accompanying a certification system that Magento Development Agencies subscribe to. To qualify the partnership, the company needs to develop a definite count of Magento projects and have a Magento Certified Development Team on board.

How experienced is the Agency?

When it comes to Magento, experience matter A LOT. Before you partner with a Magento Development Agency, it is essential to know how long they’ve been working on developing Magento Web Stores. Ask them questions like how many online web stores they’ve built so far, and do they train their Magento developers for every update? 

The next thing you need to take notes of is the number of Magento Web Developers the agency has to provide the needs of the clients. Two or three developers won’t be enough to meet your needs when the agency has multiple projects to deal with. Make a smart decision and think about how things will work in the long run!

What technologies does it use in the development process? 

Magento Development Agencies need to stay up-to-date with new trends and innovations. Moreover, they also need to have seamless access to Magento channels, communities, and forums. It helps them when they get stuck in a tech problem. 

Hence, research on the latest tech advancements and then choose an agency that embraces them all. And once you pick the one that follows best practices to tap into trends, your success is guaranteed. 

Why choose us as your Magento Development Agency?

We understand it can be hard to trust an agency with your business. And unfortunately, there’s no bulletproof way to protect your business from those who hardly know what it takes to build an online web store. BUT, that’s not how we do it at Xcentric Services. Before getting on board with a client, we take them in confidence, and that’s precisely why we’re here today. Keep on reading and find out why we are the best choice!

References and Reputation

Existence, reputation, and reviews – These are the things that matter while choosing an agency. And in that case, we have a comprehensive portfolio of the projects we’ve completed. It will give you an insight into what type of projects we’ve delivered before, our efficiency, and performance. Moreover, you can also read through the reviews we’ve got from our former clients about how we accommodated them. 

Transparency and Customer Service

Business-Agency relationship is a two-way street, which is why discussions need to be clear and concise. At Xcentric Services, we are committed to having healthy and productive communications with our clients. 

While partnering with a client, we hand them over a cost estimation breakdown along with the project delivery timeline. Thus, showing them a clear picture of what to expect. Moreover, we also decide on a few policies related to pricing, customizations, and purchase of extensions to avoid any inconveniences in the future.

Quality and Deployment

Quality testing and deployment is our top-most priority. We use an Agile or Scrum-based approach to make sure that the development processes are completed on time. Plus, to reduce the risks of bugs and errors, our team tests the code before handing over the final product to the client. 

Besides, our team also keeps track of all the changes they do post-deployment, all while making sure that the operations are not affected. Once an online web store is LIVE, we provide a 24/7 ongoing maintenance and support to every client. Thus, ensuring that the overall performance and UX won’t be affected.


Life today is too short to shop in-stores. The modern-day retailing landscape is all about Magento E-Commerce Website Development. So, are you looking forward to joining the bandwagon? Contact us at Xcentric Services. We are a team of Magento Professionals that help retailers set up online web stores and provide them a 24/7 support. 


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