How to do SEO For Ecommerce Fashion Industry 2021?

SEO For Ecommerce
SEO For Ecommerce

The 6 keys to SEO for a fashion ecommerce in 2021


If you are starting your own business and have an online fashion store and more specifically a leather jackets store, surely one of your main goals is to get more visits to the web and blog and get more sales. For this, the role of SEO is decisive.

A good communication and SEO implementation strategy is essential for a fashionable e-commerce. Applying keywords related to the business and differential strategies are some of the fundamental actions to stand out from the competition.

Keys to make good use of SEO

Next we are going to provide you with a series of tips to do a good SEO in your fashion e-commerce. 


  • Define your target audience:



Defining the target audience is the first step in determining the focus of the texts on the web and blog. Knowing the people you are going to talk to is essential to get your tone and vocabulary right.


  • Use keywords



Another very important aspect is to add keywords related to your fashion e-commerce in the text, so that they match the product. Keep in mind that if you use generic words, most of these will have been used by large companies that have already managed to position themselves among the top positions in the ranking. Therefore, it is convenient to bet on long-tail keywords.

When we say opting for long-tail words, we mean using those that define the characteristics of the product, its differential features. In this way you will ensure that the user who wants to find your products through very specific searches does so. A highly recommended tool is the Google Keyword Planner, which can help you find the right terms for you.

Long-tail keywords are those that define the characteristics of the product, its differential features. For example: women’s high boots or men’s denim shirt.



  • Analyze your competition in detail



Knowing the positioning of the competition, as well as their strategies, web objectives and tone that they use, among other aspects, is very interesting to set content strategies. This analysis can serve as inspiration for future promotions or content, as well as to know how the sector is moving.


  • SEO on page



SEO on page is still unknown to some, although it gets Google to position the web or blog where it is used with good eyes. For this, the title of the web must be taken into account, in which the content of the page must be reflected as precisely as possible. You also have to add the keywords and a Meta description in which you must describe everything that can be found on the page.

Taking care of the aesthetics of the images is also a way of taking care of the positioning, since a quality image accompanied by a good descriptive name will help to position it in a more favorable way. It is advisable to always keep it optimized for the web

Correctly using the different categories and descriptions will also help you to order the content in a coherent way, that is why it is important to use the keywords very well and work the tone in which you are going to address the public.

All these aspects can become decisive when a user buys or not in fashion e-commerce.



  • SEO off page



Links also play a very important role when it comes to good SEO. Analyzing the strategy of the competition is necessary, as well as creating a quality link strategy.

A key point is to add internal links from e-commerce to the blog to get a strategy link building correctly position the blog and website. 

Sponsored links are also a good option to get the necessary reach, as well as press releases and the use of social networks to reach more people and spread the content. Ideally, your website should be mentioned in other spaces related to the sector.



  • Social networks



Selecting the social networks in which you want to be present is the first step you have to take. It is not necessary that you have a presence in all of them, only in those that will be useful. Instagram is currently the social network par excellence and it works perfectly.

It is about creating a good strategy of actions and contents that help you to spread the texts of your blog, as well as the products of your website and your fashion e-commerce in general. In this way, the target audience will be able to click on the links or on the post and, in this way, more visits will be generated on the website. You have to do it correctly and constantly so that Google gives authority to your online store.


These are the first steps you have to follow to work on the positioning of your fashion e-commerce and create an SEO strategy that helps you reach the top positions in Google.

We encourage you to put into practice all the tips, tools and tips about SEO using Low post Active. You will be able to consult other types of related and useful content on the subject.



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