How to Start Podcast of your own

Start free Podcast
Start free Podcast

A podcast is the new way of connecting with people and expressing your voice and thoughts to digital media via voice, How to Start Podcast of your own as likely like YouTube but without Video just audio only.

In this one we tell you how you can become a Podcaster without spending any amount on any random app or platform to upload your podcast over different platforms. Generally services which provide Podcasting are Paid but here you can know how to Record, Edit and Upload it for free and How to start your own Podcast just Free.
Everything that you must be a space for recoding, a device on which you can record (can be your smartphone), a mic if possible, knowledge of the topic you wanna discuss about or the story weaving in your mind to tell audience, Anchor App installed on your Smartphone, and that it.

How to Start Podcast of your own 

Material you need:


Mic is suggested for better voice quality because you might don’t want your audience get uncomfortable while listening your podcast due to surround noise as it might disturb the experience.
As a cheap alternative we suggest you Boya M1 Wired Mic, you can check for other alternatives as well but as a budget friendly one its good.

Audio Editor:

For Audio Editor you can do it yourself or we suggest you to try Audacity, a Computer Software to Edit Audio Files like Pro for free with almost every feature you need to give balance to your Podcast and make it worthy to listen. Super Sound is also a Free Music Editor by HappyBees on Google Play Store & for IOS GarageBand is a Free solution for Audio editing purposes.
Recording Podcast: Podcast are Voice-based which doesn’t include any Videos or Images so you should keep in mind that the thing you gonna express through your voice should reach to the audience without visuals. Prepare a Style of what you trying to convey with your podcast.
Because with Animations or Graphics it becomes easier to express but only Audio can make some difficulties so you should on Point. For Example you can consider your Bed Time stories which we use to listen and by listening only we use to create everything in thoughts.
That’s how a Podcast work and that’s how you should work too for your Podcast to get connected.
Recommendation is creating series with a Suspense at the End of every episode to boom-up curiosity for the next one. The story can be brought up from an old book or can be made by you (doesn’t matter but original always works best).

What Language should you choose before starting a Podcast?

For a chance we suggest you to try your Local or Regional Language as if that can work better in Local if you get noticed, otherwise popular choices are always open to create like Hindi or English.
You can even try other languages if you know like French, Spanish, etc. to bring on Audience of that particular segment as it might can be innovative and more exposures because of less competition. In India, Podcasting in Hindi or English can work well for you.
Basically, it all depends on where you Live & what native language you choose to grab, it can impact high as we mentioned above. Audience may notice you more if you are relatable, understandable, connecting, etc,etc.
Like a YouTube Channel, a Podcast also needs a specific name which sticks to your Podcasting journey. Make sure it’s unique, catchy & easy to rememeber and understand, try to keep it short & sweet. 
These tool can help- and to check if the name’s available.

Starting your Journey as Podcaster:

Like any other Social Platform, Podcast is also something similar where you share your story or feeling with audience. You also must need a Profile Picture or can say a Channel Art to leave your impression on listeners mind that they notice and remember you if they see anywhere.
For Art creating you can hire an expert or can built yourself one by Canva or PicsArt. These are free tools and very useful too. Canva is a total free source to Create and Download your Graphics at high quality.
Before jumping over creating, try to make it in rough, design with a though or just make it so impressing to get more listeners.
Just like YouTube, on Podcast as well you need a Featuring Image like you need a Thumbnail for every new video so Podcast Art is different and every episodes Feature Image is different that you have to design every time before publishing.
Now what?…
Let’s start talking about Platform where you upload your Podcast and make it Public, right because that is one of the important factor.
The anchor is specifically made for Podcasting for all the Podcaster to Publish Podcast for Free on it. It is available for Android & IOS users and even Desktop users as well. If you are from US then you can even earn from Podcasting through Anchor by inserting Ads.
The biggest benefit of using Anchor is it spreads a Voice all over to the other platforms including- Spotify Podcast, Google Podcasts, Apple Podcasts, RSS for Free. That helps to create more listeners.

How to use Anchor and Publish your Podcast?

  • Download Anchor App from HERE
  • Create an Account using Email (You can use Google, Facebook, Twitter)
  • Create Channel with Name, Description, Category, Logo (you can fill your Blog or Website Link as well if you have)
  • Go to Tools & Select your option (you can import a file or can record through App)
  • You can insert Voice Messages by Fans
  • After Completing Editing Part, you can choose to make into a series or an Individual episode everytime you Publish a New Episode.
  • Give Name to your Podcast Episode & Fill Description with Details (explaining a short summary of your particular episode)
  • Choose Categories upto 5
  • Publish your Podcast Live
  • Wait for a couple of hours and it get distributed on almost every Platform for Free with an Introductory Ad of Anchor at the beginning which is OK
You can get your Analytics of Plays & Platforms on a Daily, Monthly, or Weekly basis through the App. And this is how you can Start your own Podcast for Free.


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