Importance Of A Tea Strainer and Why You Need One

tea infuser or strainer
tea infuser or strainer

Importance Of A Tea Strainer


Tea is one of the most consumed beverages. However, preparing a cup of coffee is not as simple as it looks like. Keeping the water, sugar, temperature rise, selecting suitable utensils is of utmost importance, and tea strainer is no exception. After all, the utensils make a difference between a good and lousy cup of tea. Moreover, it will surely save both your time and hassle.


Some of the tea utensils can be used with every type of tea. Nevertheless, others are more appropriate for certain teas.


Professionals say that one of the best options for brewing any tea type is teapots with a strainer. These strainers are generally made from porcelain and ceramics. As compared to other teapots, these ones are bigger and are appropriate for brewing tea for more than three people. Even though you can use a teapot without a strainer, you will anyhow need a portable strainer to pour the tea.


Good for: 

  • Teabag
  • Serving tea in large quantity
  • Easy to use for people who have just started making tea
  • Easy to clean

Teapot with a Strainer

Teapots with a strainer are appropriate with sizeable loose leaf tea because the holes usually are too big to hold the particles which are not visible to the eye. They are best suitable for flavored teas.


Good for:

  • Serving tea every day
  • Tea with small to medium leaves
  • Beginners
  • Serving tea is a large quantity
  • Very easy to clean



To those of you who are new to the term, Kyushu is a Japanese style teapot. People who have just started making tea are straightforward for them to handle because it has a side handle. In addition to this, it can also consist of a metal filter, no matter attached or removable. There are a number of providers for the same. Talk to them and end up purchasing the right one.


Good for:

  • Japanese tea
  • Good quality loose tea
  • Best suited for all type of teas
  • Re brewing teas
  • Not difficult to clean



It is a Japanese style vessel which is used by most of the people worldwide. It does not have a handle and can be used while you are preparing tea for two people. In addition to this, it is also best suited for brewing teas that do not need boiling water.


Good for:

  • High-quality loose tea
  • Japanese tea
  • Teas that require a low water temperature
  • Tea with smaller particles
  • Advanced drinkers
  • Easy to clean


The Bottom Line

These are some of the facts you need to know about a tea strainer. In case of a doubt, you can always get in touch with an expert for a tea infuser or strainer. It is better to gather all the information from them rather than purchasing the one which is not suitable.



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