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10 tips to Help You Become an Expert in Hosting Diwali Party

It’s the festive vibes, can you feel around? It’s the time of Diwali, there are goodies, lights and happiness everywhere. Everyone loves this festival and who wouldn’t? The joy, happiness and togetherness that it brings in our life. Diwali is not complete without rangoli, decorative diyas and handful of foods that we get to eat. 

And, how can we forget about the parties that come with Diwali. Everyone gets a break from their daily routine and spends time with their loved ones. Now that everyone is going to be under one roof, it is going to be very tough to host a party. Even difficult, if you have just shifted and packers and movers in dwarka are still working up with your luggage. We really understand your nervousness that is why we are here with 10 tips to Help You Become an Expert in Hosting Diwali Party. Let’s get started now.

1- Decoration like never before


Diwali is the sole time when you can experiment with your house decoration. You can play with diyas and lights for your house decoration. If you choose to host a theme party then make sure that the décor should match up.

Don’t hassle buying new items you can either choose to pull up your new cushions made of rich Indian fabrics. They can give your decoration a next level look. Opt for vibrant colors such as chilli, saffron and turmeric etc. Make use of some flowers to give it a traditional touch. For lightings, use some antic lanterns or lamps or you can even choose fairy lights, they are in trends.

2- Stick to your Budget

Remind yourself that you have just moved out of your comfort. And it is going to be a major shift in your savings after a relocation process because Packers and movers in Dwarka raise their charges in the festive season. So make sure to prepare up a budget for this Diwali party and stick to it. Don’t get carried away in buying many of the stuff. As you have to adjust your living in your new house.

3- Prepare a guest list


Now that you are throwing a Diwali party how can it be completed without your loved ones? Take a paper and pen to note down all the guests that you are going to invite. So that you don’t forget anyone. Now you can invite them through call, E-mail, social media, etc. Cut some guests if it is going out of your budget. Don’t dig a big hole in your pocket.

4- Decide the menu


Guests are not going to eat even a proper meal at these parties. You can choose to keep it simple with a few snacks such as popcorn, some bhakarwadi and other snacks. People love to munch too much during games.

For sweets, make sure to stick to your auspicious option for Diwali. Some homemade sweets will be giving it a traditional touch. But don’t forget to maintain balance with health and taste.

6- Gift for guests

Diwali means gifts and fun. It is so obvious that you will be giving some gifts to your guests. Make sure that you ask Packers and movers in Dwarka to place a cabinet beside your door. So that you place gifts to your guests. Not only this, but you can keep these gifts traditional and pack some dry fruits or even mithai. If you are thinking of trying something, then go for scented candles or chocolates.

6- Prepare game lists

It’s Diwali and we can’t go without card games. These games are played to lift up some humour and the spirit of Diwali. But don’t forget that Diwali is all about bringing Lakshmi into your house. But have you decided games that are going to rock the Diwali? 

Make arrangements fro casino themed games or try poker. Rummy and blackjack are never too old to be played for Diwali. 

7- Fun Music


Party is not complete without music and dance. How can we forget dance? Prepare a playlist for some fun and dance. Now that we are talking about dance, then you need to free up some space for guests to dance as well. If you have some old remix collection then it will be adding stars to your night.

8- Care for Children

It’s never too easy to please children. Now that you are going to throw a party. How can you forget about those little bombs? Some delicious fried potato nuggets or you can even set them up with some cheese projects.

9- Get creative

How about you being innovative and try some eco-friendly ideas. Get some eco-friendly disposals for quick snacks.

10- What about drinks ?


Diwali is all about fun and a little bit of drinks are never harmful. Arrange some drinks such as mocktail, juices or maybe some kesar milk.

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