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leaning services

Comparisons Between Regular and Deep Home Cleaning: What to Choose?

Who doesn’t desire a spotless and aesthetic home during the festivals and for welcoming the guests? Surely, everybody does. But, can the regular cleaning of your home fully satisfy your cleaning requirements. Especially when you are a resident of Dubai, where temperature and humidity are performing at their best, you can expect the accumulation of dust and dirt everywhere. Further, you might miss the hotspots while focussing on the regular cleaning.


On the other hand, deep cleaning can go expensive if you think of booking service once in a blue moon. Additionally, it depends on the cleaning status of your home whether a regular or deep cleaning would serve the purpose. 


Whether you enrol for regular or deep cleaning, nevertheless you can certainly experience professional cleaning service from the best maid service Dubai. 


Let’s clear your confusion with the primary differences between deep and regular home cleaning.


What do Regular and Deep Cleaning Services Offer?

When you consider regular household cleaning services, then most of the full-time maid service in Dubai offers to dust and mopping surfaces of living space, bedrooms and kitchen. Additionally, the regular cleaning also comprises the cleaning of bathrooms along with wiping diverse surfaces, toilets, mirrors and sinks. 


The Best maid service Dubai provides kitchen cleaning by mopping the counter-tops, cabinets, appliances and disposing of the trash. In other words, the professionals will be in your house for day-to-day cleaning service that will keep your home free from dust to a certain extent.


Whereas, deep cleaning is much more than the regular one. The advantage of hiring deep cleaning service from full-time maid service in Dubai is that it can keep your home dust-free for months after months. Generally, it can last more than six months. And, the checklist for deep cleaning is quite long. Apart from surfaces, the professionals or maids pay attention to door and window frames for cleaning. Additionally, they make the interior and exterior glass doors and windows crystal clear. And, they take the carpet and blinds cleaning into account for deep cleaning.


While cleaning the grimes from the kitchen appliances, the maids clean the dust build-up around the appliances. Even the washing machine doesn’t get spared from the task list. Now, coming to the kitchens, the maids clean the mineral build-up from the sink, shower-head and bathtubs. They take extra care while mopping the bathroom glass partitions and mirrors. 


Moreover, the professionals don’t overlook the soap froth on sinks, taps and bathroom tiles for deep cleaning purposes. This is not the end. Some cleaning service providers even offer the cleaning of attics and basement compartments. Not a single corner remains hidden from the deep cleaning professionals.


Factors to Decide the Best Cleaning Solution for your Home: Regular or Deep Cleaning

As you can clearly notice that deep cleaning is an exclusive package of regular cleaning and additional cleaning services. Undoubtedly, it is going to cost extra bucks but perfectly fits your requirements- Especially when you have to move in or move out of your home or arrange a special event for guests. 


Here are other factors that might indicate that you need a specific cleaning service and can easily hire a full-time maid service in Dubai.


  • Climatic Conditions


Sandstorms are all-natural in Dubai and consequently, it turns your home into a place full of dust. On the other hand, passing-by cars are also responsible for dirt and grime build-up. To keep your residential premises neat and tidy in Dubai, daily cleaning is not skippable. And, if you can’t avail cleaning on your own, then regular cleaning can definitely solve your hygiene and cleaning issues. 


After all, a tidy home leads to a healthy lifestyle. The best maid service Dubai uses only approved cleaning essentials for cleaning your home. But, if you are looking for occasional or spring cleaning services, then deep cleaning is your comfort zone. Additionally, you can consider deep cleaning for a post-construction cleaning schedule. This would mitigate your days of efforts.



  • Dust Build-up


Filthy appliances or surfaces are never visually aspiring, nor health-beneficial. Apart from dust and dirt on surfaces, the sofas and carpets can cling to lint, hair and other allergens. This can drastically affect your health by increasing the indoor pollution levels. 


If you consider cleaning on your own, it can ruin your important hours. Whereas, the cleaning professionals would wipe out all the visible dust within a few hours. Therefore, regular cleaning service would be appropriate more often.


But, if you ignore all the invisible grime and debris, then it can affect the healthy premises. For instance, the dust build-up behind the refrigerator can ruin the refrigerator coil. The mineral build-up over the sinks and bathtubs can lead to premature corrosion. That’s why deep cleaning is more appealing if you haven’t cleaned for a long time. So, you have to consider an inside-out cleaning for your home. 


Additionally, deep cleaning is most effective on the grimes and sticky tiles of the kitchen. The stickiness of the kitchen due to daily cooking can affect the kitchen appliances including the cabinets and counter-tops. Deep cleaning professionals make sure that they wipe and disinfect everything in the kitchen- starting from the oven, range to the refrigerator, microwave and other surfaces. And, they can reach everywhere in search of dust and dirt. So, you need not struggle to reach behind the cabinets any more.


Render Quality Cleaning Services… 

Once you decide to go for regular or deep home cleaning, avail services from the best maid service Dubai. Here you can get pocket-friendly, scheduled and trusted home cleaning services from vetted and trained maids. Share your requirements, and the experts will sort out the most suitable solution for your home.


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