The Best Motorcycle Jackets To Rock The Fall Season!

Cafe Retro Leather Jacket
Cafe Retro Leather Jacket

Leaves have started to fall, and everybody has got a whole new mood of styling. The Fall season brings a new vibe to go out and enjoy the best time of our lives. The falling leaves and the brown trees give an aesthetic aura to the atmosphere and the autumn photography — just out of this world! The real question arises while opening our cupboard doors, and that is what to wear.

The answer lies in your closet’s leather jackets’ compartment! Yes — it’s that easy. A Cafe Retro Leather Jacket compliments all the outfits, and the best part, you can create a lot of new outfits from it. Style it with basic clothes and rock the casual look or pair them with formals to ace the sophisticated events. Let’s have a look at some trendy motorcycle jackets, which are the best for fall!


The traditional motorcycle jackets are the friends of all the seasons. They are not that heavy to make you all sweaty. When the weather gets warm, the viscose lining of these jackets provides the best insulation. And when you start feeling chilly, the same jacket would give you the toasty warm feeling. Nowadays, you will find many shades in them, but the ones that suit this aesthetic season are the monochromes.

Black, navy, brown, olive green, white, burgundy — choose anyone according to your mood that day and rock the outing. Either asymmetrical or cafe racer, style them with any outfits, and they would look good. Pair a motorcycle with your basic clothes, dresses, tops, skirts, jeans, and chinos according to the genre of the event. For footwear, go for sneakers, shoes, or even the cute flip flops for a casual look.

The best thing that the designers have done so far is the creation of customized biker jackets. Themed on many movies, TV series, and anime — get the glam of your favorite celebrities in the most comfortable way. 

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From some scenes of the trailer of ‘Fast and Furious 9’, Vin Diesel is spotted wearing a gorgeous jacket in a cool shade of blue. The color of this jacket gives it the edge that you need this fall season. The classy motorcycle jacket has a white ‘Fatherhood’ and ‘FF9’ printed on the back, which gives it a more badass look. 

Either you want to go for grocery shopping or need some casual appearance for the workplace, this jacket would do it all. Pair it with any monochrome shirt, t-shirt, and pants that go with the blue tone and the white patches and attain a dope look for this season. White sneakers would suit this jacket so much.


You must have seen the official ‘Serpents jacket’ from the TV series ‘Riverdale.’ The black motorcycle having a green serpent on the back has become the identity of all the people who love bold looks. The jacket has an appealing glossy exterior with a collar having sharp edges. 

Interestingly, the idea behind this jacket dates back to the old Uktena traditions so that you will find a fabulous fusion of modern-vintage in it. The retro vibes are the main theme of this season, so what can be better than this?

This jacket comes in two contrasting colors; black and red. So, choose the black one when you are going to a rather formal event. The red one would give the best electrifying outlook for all the casual occasions: pair sunglasses, sneakers, and the right colored outfit to look the quirkiest among all the Serpents.


Diving into the Marvel World, the maroon jacket was worn by Chris Pratt as Star-Lord in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ is just the perfect pick for the fall season. The highlighting feature of this jacket is also its color. 

The sharp cuts and smooth design give an attractive appearance to it and calling it the main factor behind Star-Lord’s personality won’t be wrong. So, style this jacket with neutral tones and go for a retro style makeup. Sneakers, sunglasses, and a scarf would complement the look stylishly.


The anime movie ‘Akira’ from the ’80s, has an iconic red jacket worn by the members of the biker gang ‘The Capsules.’ The motorcycle jacket was the official face of the leader — Shotaro Kaneda — which suited his cocky personality quite well. The vibrant red color of this classy Kaneda Red Leather Jacket is the go-to for all the people who love colors. 

Vivid color in autumn is a topic that is arguable but does it even matter what others say? Wear what your inner fashionista asks you for and satisfy it. The kickass motorcycle is from the ’80s, so it has a retro vibe, too, right? 

All these jackets are trending in the mainstream fashion stylings for this fall season. Choose any of them according to your mood and ace the coolest outlooks. Don’t forget the accessories and Happy Fall Y’all!


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