What is Margin Call and How to Avoid Margin Call?

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What is Margin Call and How to Avoid Margin Call?

To understand the concept that how the margin call arises is one of the essential for successful trading. In this article, we will discuss how the margin calls occur on the trading account on how to prevent them.

In Order to understand the Forex Margin call, it is essential to know about the interrelated concept of the margin and the leverage. The Margin is defined as the minimum amount of funds required to place a leveraged trade in the MT4 Trading Platform that provides the traders with great exposure to the market without having the fund of the full amount of the trade. 

Leverage involves the risks that produce the potential to produce large profits to see large losses. 

Causes of Margin Call In Forex Trading

A Margin call is a thing that happens when a trader not, at this point has any usable/free margin. All in all, the record needs additionally supporting. This will in general happen when trading losses decrease the usable margin under a sufficient level delivered by the traders. 

A margin call is joined to happen when traders submit an enormous part of the value to the used margin, leaving next to no space to ingest losses. From the trader’s perspective, this is a vital instrument to oversee and reduce their risk appropriately. 

The following are the top reasons for Margin calls, introduced in no particular request: 

  • Holding a losing trade too long which reduces usable margin.
  • Over- Leveraged your account joined with the main explanation 
  • An underfunded account which will constrain you to over trade with too minimal usable margin 
  • Trading without stops when value moves forcefully the other way.

What Happen When Margin Call Occurs?

Margin Call Takes place when the trader is liquidated or closed out of their trades. It will occur in two cases when the trader has no longer money in their trading account to hold the losing positions and the trader is in line with their losses. It is important for the trader to bring leverage trading. 

This is the main position open and it represents the whole used margin. It is obvious to see that the margin needed to keep up the empty position goes through most of the record value. This leaves a free edge of just $1000. 

Traders may work under the false suspicion that the account is in acceptable condition; notwithstanding, the use of influence indicates that the account is less ready to retain huge developments against the trader. In this model, if the market moves in excess of 25 focuses (not representing spread) the trader will be on edge call and have the position sold ($40 per point x 25 focuses = $1000).

How to Avoid Margin Call?

Leverage is regularly and fittingly referred to as a twofold edged sword. The motivation behind that announcement is that the bigger influence traders use comparative with the sum kept – the less usable list the traders should retain any losses. The blade possibly cuts further if over-leverage trade conflicts with a broker as the losses can rapidly exhaust their account. 

At the point when the usable edge rate hits zero, traders will get an edge call. This solitary gives further loyalty to the purpose behind using defensive stops to stop expected losses as could reasonably be expected.

The following are some of the important tips to avoid the Margin call:

  • Don’t over-switch your Trading account. Lessen your powerful leverage. 
  • Exercise reasonable risk to the executives by restricting your losses with the utilization of stops. 
  • Keep a sound measure of free margin on the record so as to remain in trades. Most of the Best Forex Broker suggest using close to 1% of the account value towards any single trade and close to 5% value on all trades anytime. Trade more modest sizes and approach each trade as only one of 1,000 immaterial, little trades.


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