What is the best free photo editing software?

photo editing software
photo editing software
Photo editing is a quality of art and it defines how expert you are to make a standard photo editing. You have to keep in mind that photo editing is an art and you have to give your core attention and the test with concentration so that you can bring out the best output for your photo after editing.
To make your photo editing done you have to take the help of software which will help you to bring out exceptional changes in the photo. Without a professional type of software, you can hope to have a variety of types of tools for your editing purposes.
Before starting your photo editing you have to install software that will help you a lot. It depends on you by which device you will use the software. There you can use the photo editing software in two means and they are
  • Mobile-based software
  • Computer-based software
Here we will provide you with a list of free software for your photo editing for both mobile and computer so that you can select the best one you want to use.

Free mobile-based software

If you don’t have much time and want to make your photo editing with a single screen touch then you should use the mobile based photo editing software. This won’t take your much time and especially mobile-based software are call applications which can easily be installed into the mobile phone.
You can do all the easy types of photo editing via those applications. If you think you want to use your photos with little editing or any types of semiprofessional purposes you can use any free mobile-based photo editing software. Here you will get the list of free mobile-based software and their features also.

List of free mobile-based software

Let’s check out the best and free mobile-based application software which will help you to make your photo editing with all the easiest steps you want. What you need to do is just check out their features and select one of them to make proper installation in your mobile and start using them.
  • Adobe Photoshop Express
  • PicsArt Photo Studio
  • Snapseed
  • Pixlr
Above are the five best photo editing apps for mobile. You will get both the free and paid version of them according to your requirements and demand. If you think you want advanced editing you can take the full version by paying them.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Well-furnished features are available for this mobile app and you will get both the android and iOS version of it. There are lots of photo editing effects that are given on this software. You can use it for free and for the full version of it you have to pay.

Popular features

  • You will get lots of templates
  • 80+ filters
  • You can use all the raw photos to edit here
  • You can easily share your photo after completing your photo editing

PicsArt Photo editor

This is one of the best and most popular photo editing apps which is largely used on the mobile phone. If you think you want the best type of photo editing you can use it for free. You will have lots of cool features in this mobile application while you will go editing your photo. It also has the cool built-in camera mood included.

Popular features

  • Variety of free stickers
  • Lots of frames to make photo editing
  • Lots of brush tool effect to design your images
  • Live effect available in this app


It is one of the most downloaded photo editing apps for the mobile phone and lots of people use this software to make their required editing as they want. You will get all the pro features and tools in this smart photo editing software. If you think you won’t use your photo editing skills in the high steps you will find all possible tools to make it happen. Therefore, we can suggest you use this one if you want all the pro level of photo editing.

Popular features

  • 30+ different types of tool for photo editing
  • Place selective brush to select any specific object
  • Lots of filters and templates
  • The exporting capability of JPG format

If you think you want to make your photo clipping path for personal uses you can use this software very well.


It’s a master class app for various types of photo editing and if you want to use the pencil tool, brush tool, Doodle, Drawing you can do everything with this software. To make the best use of your proper photo editing with all the easy steps you can use this app on your mobile and it won’t consume lots of space on your phone.

Popular features

  • 1000000+ free effect for your photo editing
  • Lots of filters for photo editing
  • Automatic color adjustment tool
  • Photo collage feature with lots of photos

Free Computer-based software

For all kinds of professional photo editing, you have to depend on the computer-based photo editing software which is most effective for making out any types of photo editing at the pro level. To make out all the required types of photo editing you have to depend on the computer. Therefore, you have to know about the best photo editing software based on the computer.
Here we want to make you familiar with some of the best photo editing pro-level software for your computer-based program. Let’s check them out below with detailed features.

List of free computer-based software

All the professionals who work for making out professional photo editing largely depend on the computer-based photo editing software because they help to get all the detailed editing for the photos. Check the list below which is largely used by the global professional photo editing experts.
  • Adobe Photoshop CC
  • Lightroom

If you want the best photo editing tools on your computer you have to use that software to get what you want.

Adobe Photoshop CC

It’s a master bluster photo editing software that has huge tools in it. No matter what kind of photo editing and tools you are looking for. It has all the types of tools available here. Just make sure you have the proper knowledge to use those tools and you can bring out all the professional and quality types of photo editing you need.

Features of Adobe Photoshop CC

  • Lots of ready to use effects
  • Customized brush tool
  • Pen tool
  • Huge collection of filter
  • Gradient tool
  • Customized Color correction tool

If you want to make your photo clipping path or background remove or any types of photo retouching you have to use this software largely. But the main fact is it is not free you will get only 7 days of free trial after making the installation.


Lightroom is another world-class photo editing software. If you want to make your photo exceptional in terms of photo retouching you have to take the help of Lightroom. This will widely help you to grow your photo editing skills in an exception limit.

Features of Lightroom

  • Easy to use create preset for the photo editing
  • You can make your images batch processing
  • You will have easily transferable adjust setting in this software
  • You can keep your photo in a non-destructive mood to protect
  • Lots of effective adjustment creating tools

If you think you want to make your photo retouching at the pro level you should use this software. You will get only seven days of the free trial after making the installation of this software on your computer.


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