What Leather Clothes To Wear To Face The Extreme Cold?


What Clothes To Wear To Face The Extreme Cold?


People sometimes go crazy and travel several destination like mountain peaks, glaciers etc. Some prefer to go on vacation to catch a beach, some opt to visit cold venue but in short they need adventure. However, those people sometimes don’t know what clothes to wear to face the extreme cold and snow.

We have already faced mountains in Chile, the Swiss Alps and, mainly, the snow from the North Pole in Iceland and Norway. So follow this post to learn not to be cold, regardless of the adversities of the weather.

What is Extreme Cold?

Well, it’s kind of misleading advertising to say that you won’t be cold when you’re in snowy places, below freezing. But it is possible to stroll, have fun and enjoy the attractions that the destination offers if you are prepared enough.

Up to a temperature of 5 to 10 degrees, it doesn’t take much technology to be able to wrap up, in my opinion. These are the temperatures we came to experience here in Porto Alegre during our winter. So in our wardrobes, in general, we already have enough accessories to support well.

Now, when the thermometer reaches zero, or worse, below it, then the bug starts to pick up. Hence it is better to know how to prepare yourself to be able to do your tours normally. Anyone who thinks it is just a matter of putting on 8 layers of our common blouses and going around like a round monster is barely able to walk. 

When I speak of extreme cold, in this article, I am referring to below -10 degrees. In this case, preparing with leather jackets and leather accessories are necessary. You may have heard of people who went mountain climbing and lost their ear because it was frozen, right? 

So, guys, let’s take this issue seriously so that holidays in winter destinations are fun.

Winter clothes to dress the body:

In the absence of a better term, I am talking here about t-shirts, jackets, coats … Do you understand? The secret is to use the appropriate fabrics and make a combination of layers in the right order. If the cold is not so strong, the tips are still valid. Just remove a layer or replace it with something more ordinary.

Inner Layer – Underwear or Second Skin

This one is very close to the body. The idea is that it really sticks, without leaving spaces, without looseness (but without getting too tight, right, and chubby?). The thermal fabric must be of good quality, and the effect is insulating. Do you know those rubber (or neoprene) clothes that surfers use to get into the cold water? The idea is the same.

Clothing will keep your body warm, but will allow your skin to breathe. Great. Another good thing, they are usually quick-drying, so you can wash while traveling. And do not use anything underneath, to avoid losing the effect. Tip: take at least two in the suitcase. While one is drying, you are using the other.

Middle Layer – Fleece or Thermal

Pure technology, a thin, light, polymeric fabric that can be very hot. It replaces a piece of wool, but it takes up much less space and is much more beautiful. To endure zero degree, just one. For -10, you can use two pieces.

For when it’s not that cold, you can only wear underwear + fleece, so there are models with a collar, zipper and pockets. When you enter a heated place, you will strip the layer off and keep your fleece on display. For these and others, we should choose it also thinking about beauty, not just how warm it is.

Outer Layer – Waterproof and Windproof

Now comes the most important (and most expensive) piece for you to face the extreme cold calm. The fabric must be waterproof so as not to get your clothes wet when the snow melts. If it is too cold, the snow that falls on you remains solid, but just go into a warm place to get soaked. And the last thing you want to do is get wet.

And it is INDISPENSABLE that it has wind protection technology. In fact, the thermal sensation depends a lot on how much the wind can take heat from your body. That is why it is so important to avoid his contact with the inside of your clothes. The seams, pockets and zippers are made so that air does not enter there. Result: you can stay warm, even if there is a breeze (and there always is!).

Here is an important note to make. Will you face from zero to -10 degrees, or go to even colder places? There are two basic types of windbreaker: the thin ones and the ones with padding, indispensable to be comfortable in places of -10 to -25 degrees.

This filling makes the clothes hideous (in my opinion), but I guarantee it will get really hot. There are people who even wear a regular T-shirt + windbreaker with padding in places where it is 0 – 10 degrees because of comfort and practicality. When you get to a warm place, leave the coat on the rack and everything is fine.

For the Legs to withstand the Extreme Cold

Here the same tips apply. With one difference, it is generally not necessary to use all three layers. The tip is to always use a second-skin (also called ceroula) of good quality. Over it, I used jeans a lot in places of -5 degrees, quiet.

But I am very hot, it was always very hot when I was wearing underwear + fleece + shorts. Bermuda pants, for those unfamiliar, are a piece of light fabric (tactel, in general), with a zipper that serves to remove the part that is below the knee. In summer, she turns into shorts. In cold places, you can use it on top of the combinations above.

For places of extreme cold (below -10), you can use waterproof windbreaker pants over the second skin + fleece pants. We didn’t even find these pieces here in Brazil to buy. Anyone who has been to the ski resort must have seen these clothes.

There are windbreaker models for motorcyclists and also for climbers. The more technological, the more expensive. We saw some pretty, simple and cheap ones to sell in Norway. But seriously, we don’t miss the least.

Leather Accessories to Wear In Winter:


Perhaps here are the most important items. Using everything I said above won’t do you any good if you don’t protect your extremities well: hands, feet and head.


There are several models, including fleece. The secret here is not to forget to protect your head, with the model that best matches your style. I think it’s very important to use something that also covers the ears well, which tend to get very cold in those places.


I learned that if my neck is hot, I am too. Also available in a multitude of models and colors, the scarf is indispensable in situations of extreme cold. I really liked a fleece model from Solo, which in addition to a scarf, can also become a cap. Practical, light and very warm.


Forget this conversation that there are gloves that allow you to use your touch-screen smartphone. Balela! I bought a thin one that guaranteed that and I couldn’t even turn it on! Still, I still found it useful to wear two gloves. One of the same fabric as the second skin, well adhered to the hand and that will serve you to be able to manipulate your camera without losing so much touch.

Above it, the real glove, big, of thermal fabric (that fleece) or leather, or wool. This one is going to get really hot. If the exterior is waterproof, even better. Skiers use a glove like this, only with the outer layer very resistant to not tear when handling the sticks.


Like gloves, a two-layer system (or more, for those with very cold feet). Underneath, a “second skin” sock and outside, a thermal wool sock, suitable for winter. It is not these ordinary socks that we wear here, but ones that are also made of technological fabric, which are light and more efficient.

For women, you can also use those leg warmers. It looks like 80s, but I heard that this fashion has been coming back, right?


It is essential that the boots have a higher upper, waterproof and thermal. One of the most famous fabrics is Goretex, which is breathable and therefore does not get too hot if you wear your boot in the summer. The sole cannot be smooth, so as not to slip on ice and snow. Don’t skimp here, your feet are the places that tend to get colder when you venture out into a place like this.



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