What makeup brushes to buy for beginners?


You may hear that flawless makeup finish is only an application game. Yes! It is true because the right makeup tool for application can bring a big difference in the final makeup finish. That’s why professional MUA always consider investing in professional makeup brush sets to create versatile and perfect makeup looks. If you are a beginner, you may get confused while seeing different shapes, sizes, and types of makeup brushes online shopping in Pakistan. Don’t be worry because we are here for a makeup brushes guide.

You do not have to buy all types of brushes to create a pro-like makeup look. You only require ten essential makeup brushes for beginners that can work with almost all products. Here we enlist ten makeup brushes and their uses to let you easily understand the associated use of each of them. So, whether you want to make affordable makeup brushes set for a beginner or find how to use makeup brushes for beginners, continue reading our guide.

1. Fluffy Powder brush:

Do you know fluffy brush can apply the powder products most finely? Many people use sponges to apply compact powder. However, makeup experts consider a soft powder brush the perfect pick for face powder application. The soft and hair-like bristles dust the lightest amount of powder to provide a smooth and non-cakey finish. They look somewhat domed in shape to precise coverage without buildups.

USE: Perfect for applying compact powder, translucent powder, or baking powder to set the foundation or concealer.

2. Kabuki Foundation brush:

Application of foundation is the prime step because it helps you create the perfect canvas for makeup. Makeup experts consider Kabuki Foundation brush the best pick because it can provide an airbrushed look. The flat shape and soft bristles can smear the thinnest layer of product to deliver a flawless base. You only need to use stippling motion for smooth application. The liquid foundation easily buffs into the skin to make it look glass-like. The pro-tip is to prep your skin with hydration moisturizer, serum, and primer before applying any foundation.

USE: Perfect for applying liquid foundation and pressed foundation.

3. Flat Concealer Brush:

Concealing is one of the crucial steps to hide the flaws of the skin. Concealer brush helps provide even coverage on any desired area. This brush has a tapered shape, packed bristles, and round tips so the product will reach easily into the inner corners of the eyes. This shape gives better control to provide proper concealing. You can also use it for blending your concealer effortlessly.

USE: Perfect for applying liquid concealer. You can also use it to create a crease cut style on eyes for more dramatic.

4.Fan Brush:

Everyone wants the striking glow onto high points of the face. Although you can apply a highlighter with a narrow tip brush, a fan brush works the best for powder highlighter. It adds a slight hint of glow without making glitter clusters on the skin. Beginners who do not know how much highlighter should be applied can use a fan brush for a subtle highlighter finish.

USE: Perfect for dusting powder highlighter

5.Angled Eyebrow brush:

The neat eyebrows can enhance the overall eye makeup, so experts recommend filling the gaps in your eyebrows with an angled brush. It has a slanted shape, densely packed bristles, and tapered end. You can create fine hair-like strokes to make your eyebrow look fuller. The angled shape also helps you shape the arc of the brow with ease.

USE: Perfect for shaping and filling the eyebrows with brow gel.

6.Flat Eyeshadow brush:

Your makeup brush set should also have a flat Eyeshadow brush for better eyeshade application. It has tapered and round bristles that can pick up more products for dense coverage. Smokey eye look will not go out of fashion, and this brush helps you create that look.

USE: Perfect for applying dark eyeshades, glitters, or metallic shades for a pop-out look.

7.Blending brush:

Blending is the only technique that can make eye makeup super gorgeous. For blending, you will need a fluffy brush that can blend the applied shade seamlessly. The more you merge the eyeshades, the better the results will be. The tapered shape also allows you to smudge easily in the crease area. For getting the best makeup brushes on a budget, you can go with a multitasking brush for eye makeup. e

USE: Perfect for creating transitional colors and color gradients on the eye socket.

8.Eyeliner brush:

Eye makeup is incomplete without eyeliner. Whether you do glam makeup or natural-looking makeup, you cannot skip eyeliner brush from your brush set. It has a slanted-shaped head that allows beginners to draw a clean and neat line with better control. It helps beginners to create perfect winged liners without smearing or smudging the eye makeup.

USE: Perfect for applying cake liners, gel liners, or cream liners.

9. Soft angled contour brush:

To create a more sculpted and defined look, you need to contour your face. Soft Angled Contour Brush helps you create depth on cheeks, hairline, chin, and even nose. It is slightly thinner than powder brush, but the fluffiness is the same. The angled shape provides precise application even in a single swipe. You can also use it to apply bronzer by simply swirling it gently on the desired points.

USE: Perfect for applying and blending cream contour or powder contour.

10. Blush Brush

Applying blush with the right brush can change the makeup game. Blush should look natural on the apple of cheeks, so experts recommend using a loosely-bristle brush for blush application. It smears the minimal amount of blush powder to give the perfect finish. These brushes are slightly domed in shape and have fluffy bristles that help them stamp subtle hints on every stroke. Once you start using it, it becomes one of your favorite brushes in your makeup brushes set.

USE: Perfect for applying pressed powder blush and blending cream blush.


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