What responsibilities do technical support job have?

What responsibilities do technical support have

About technical support

IT support employees help officials screen and keep up with the PC frameworks and organizations of an association. You will introduce and arrange PC frameworks, diagnose equipment and programming flaws, and tackle specialized and applications issues, either via telephone or face to face. In a technical support job, you’ll cover at least one subject matter, contingent upon the size of the association. Associations progressively depend on PC frameworks in every aspect of their activities and dynamic cycles. It’s hence pivotal to guarantee the right running and support of IT frameworks.

Occupation titles might differ

  • applications support trained professional
  • help work area administrator
  • maintenance engineer
  • Technical Support Job

You can likewise work inside first or second-line support. The work is as much with regards to seeing how data frameworks are utilizing for applying specialized information identified with PC equipment or programming.


Albeit this space of work is available to all alumni and those with an HND or establishment degree, the accompanying subjects might work on your possibilities:

The above capabilities are not generally needed for this work, albeit a few managers do lean toward a degree or IT-related capability. Managers additionally search for inside and out information on the projects and applications they use, commonly Microsoft, Linux, and Cisco advances.

A postgraduate capability isn’t required for the section. Notwithstanding, a Microsoft certificate might give you a benefit. There are comparably perceived courses for Linux, Unix, and Cisco. These are presently the most broadly perceived specialized confirmations in the business and are accessible at additional instruction schools and business preparing focuses.


You’ll have to show proof of the accompanying:

  • the capacity to think consistently
  • a great memory of how programming and working on Software Systems
  • excellent tuning in and addressing abilities joined with the capacity to cooperate unquestionably with customers to build up what the issue is and clarify the arrangement
  • the capacity to function admirably in a group
  • Problem settling abilities
  • a solid client centers
  • the capacity to focus on your responsibility
  • Attention to detail.

What to Expect?

  • There is frequently strain to function as quickly as conceivable to manage issues and accomplish prompt outcomes in all circumstances, either to guarantee the base loss of assembling or client contact time or to empower individuals from staff to utilize their PC once more.
  • Considerable that  normally require customer contact
  • If you have liability regarding equipment or organizations, you might need to lift and convey gear and stretch to get to things in abnormal spots. The clothing regulation will in general be comfortable, mirroring the actual idea of the work, however, you are relying upon it to keep a sensible norm of brilliance.
  • Travel in a functioning day is at times Compulsary and might need to have a short notification.
  • Overnight nonappearance from home might be vital and abroad travel is just at times compulsory.
  • This calling is as of now male-ruled, however, steps are being taken to review the equilibrium. For data and occupations for ladies who need to work on innovation,


You’ll be liable for the smooth running of PC frameworks and guarantee that clients get the greatest advantages from them. Individual undertakings shift contingent upon the size and construction of the association, yet you’ll have to:

  • install and arrange PC equipment working frameworks and applications
  • monitor and keep up with PC frameworks and organizations
  • talk staff or customers through a progression of activities, either up close and personal or via telephone, to assist set with increasing frameworks or resolve issues
  • troubleshoot framework and organization issues, diagnosing and settling equipment or programming shortcomings
  • replace parts as required
  • provide support, including procedural documentation and important reports
  • follow outlines and composing guidelines to fix an issue or set up a framework
  • support the carry out of new applications
  • set up new clients’ records and profiles and manage secret key issues
  • respond inside concurred time cutoff points to call-outs
  • work persistently on an undertaking until culmination (or reference to outsiders, if suitable)
  • prioritize and oversee many open cases all at once
  • rapidly set up a decent working relationship with clients and different experts, like programming engineers
  • test and assess new innovation
  • Conduct electrical wellbeing minds PC gear.


  • Starting compensations in IT support range from £17,000 to £23,000.
  • After acquiring experience, it’s feasible to advance to an income of around £26,000 to £35,000.
  • Technical support directors can procure over £40,000.

The compensations for IT support work change significantly relying upon the level of the work, past experience, and size of the boss. Check the Fieldengineer website to get technical support job information and other freelancing jobs.


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