Why did young people start calling the T-shirt Tish?

young people
young people

Why did young people start calling the T-shirt Tish?

The modern language is more and more replenished with new words, the meaning of which is not always clear to many people. This is especially true for the young people. Its representatives love to give new names to things around us in the so-called slang.

Words such as, for example, teacher, drove have already become familiar even for older people, moreover, everything is clear with their meaning at once. But what about words, the meaning of which seems devoid of any logic. For example, they call a T-shirt “tishka”. Where did this word come from? Why does it mean a T-shirt?

Basic explanation

For example, the word “t-shirt” is more than understandable. They played football in it, hence the name. branded clothing has ceased to be just sports, it has become an integral part of our everyday life, and the former name is firmly entrenched in it. The situation is different with the name “tishka”. There seems to be no connection with the T-shirt. But this is only at first glance.

This word is of foreign origin, but borrowed from the English lexicon. The word “tishka” means the name of the T-shirt, which sounds like T-SHIRT. This is the name for T-shirts with short sleeves.

When pronounced, the letters tee, as English-speaking people call the T-shirt, and “sh” are formed. So another name for this thing appeared.

Foreign words seem fashionable to young people, and they feel cool using them. For this reason, they are often used in advertising and various inscriptions. And in general, if we talk about borrowed words, they often wander from any foreign language to our native language and remain in it, although the Russian language is so rich that it has enough of its own words to denote all things.

Other possible reasons for the use of the word in Russian

There is another option among young people to introduce this word into the Russian language. In most cases, this option is told when adults do not accept other explanations. It happens that adults correct adolescents, saying that if you really use English words, you must do it right. In this case, you should say “teshka” – this will be closer to the sound of the word in the original version. To this, young people respond that they like their name better. This name refers to the name Tikhon, the meaning of which is lucky. This name comes from the Greek language and is really associated with the word “luck”.

There is another way to explain the presence of the word “tishka” in Russian.

You can look at things deeper and dwell on the little things. Then you can find explanations for some things. Take a look at the uniform that looks like the letter “T”. Because of this, people called the thing English tee for short. Some time passed, and a diminutive form of the word arose. This is how the word “tishka” appeared.

From the point of view of young people, the name tishka, which seems meaningless to the older generation, has a semantic and logical meaning for them.

Thus, there are three versions of how the word “tishka” appeared:

  1. in English, the T-SHIRT sounds like T-SHIRT, in Russian this word was borrowed in a slightly modified form;
  2. because of their shape, things are called tee in abbreviated form in English, hence the diminutive “tishka”;
  3. the word is similar to the name “Tikhon”, which means “luck”, so Russian youth liked it.

Thus, what is nonsense for some people is logical for others.

Stylish look with a simple T-shirt

Almost all people wear T-shirts . This is a versatile garment for almost any occasion. Can you create a fashionable look while wearing it? Can. To do this, you must follow two simple rules:

  • boldly fantasize and try different options;
  • we dress so that things look organic on you.

Street style casual

In casual it is possible to experiment. Something can be worn with a skirt, something with jeans and so on. The elongated T-shirt goes well with skirts of different lengths.

The image will be decorated with accessories:

  • Belt chain.
  • Textile belt.
  • Braided sash.

An additional element in color should be combined with the top or bottom.

For casual, the motto is: like it, comfortable – wear it! An important criterion is an individual approach to choosing clothes . There are no bounds, these clothes are not for any specific situation. Brightness and originality characterize this style perfectly. Rhinestones, ruffles, beads and the like don’t fit into it.

If you want to wear a leopard skirt, consider the following nuances:

  • leopard fabric should be of high quality and expensive;
  • such a skirt looks organically exclusively with a plain T-shirt;
  • do not forget that this coloring visually makes you look fuller.

For a casual style, blue jeans are suitable. Chinos will also fit well. As for shoes, sneakers or moccasins are the best solution.

What is a summer wardrobe without shorts ? They go perfectly with different T-shirts.

Warm things, like a sweater, sweatshirt and others, will not only protect you from the cold, but will also contribute to the creation of an interesting spectacular image, complete with jeans.

Criteria for creating a stylish look

We select the right T-shirt to create a stunning look . When choosing, consider the following points.

  1. It is very important to pay attention to the material. The best choice is cotton or linen. In second place is viscose. Next – blended fabrics.
  2. The right colors and decorations will make the look even more interesting. Solid white and black T-shirts are very trendy these days. But, of course, your choice should not be limited to just these colors. Also, bright prints are in trend now. Feel free to turn on your imagination and choose what you like. A bright image on your T-shirt will cheer you up.

Stylish looks with a T-shirt

  • Sports casual. Sneakers, trainers, sandals and flip flops in a variety of colors are the elements of this look. But sportswear, vests, backpacks cannot be included in this style.
  • Business casual. A narrowed blouse-T-shirt with patch pockets and a V-neckline with a jacket, formal shoes and chinos will look fashionable.
  • Street casual. Originality and uniqueness are the main thing in such an image. “White top – dark bottom” plus a bright clutch bag, high-heeled sandals and caps. Choose large jewelry as a decoration for your arms and neck.

The casual style is not only beautiful, but also practical, so it suits people of all ages. When creating your look in this style, remember the following:

  1. Don’t use templates. Each person is suitable for those clothes, and not for another, you need to look for an option that will suit you.
  2. Focus on your feelings. In pursuit of fashion, do not forget: the main thing in any image is that it is pleasant and comfortable for you, even if it is not fashionable.
  3. The clothes do not have to be branded. You can look great in any outfit. The main thing is that it fits neatly, fits your figure.

And, perhaps, one of the main tips is to form a sense of taste in yourself. If you choose things that look harmonious on you, then even in the simplest and most ordinary clothes you will look great.


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